Smart refinancing
for Self-Managed
Super Funds

If you’re with a major bank for your SMSF loan, you’re probably paying too much in interest.

Learn how much you could save with Canni.

Introducing Canni

Smart with money

We are removing the inefficiencies from the finance sector by developing smart, secure and user-friendly financial products, providing better results for all.

Customers with complex needs have been treated with neglect for far too long. You deserve a 21st century experience and our mission is to give that to you.

We use data intelligently to deliver financial value in a compliant and secure manner

To end the bank run around

Giving you a fast and efficient experience

Value delivered through
smart data and technology

We have a suite of smart products in development that we know will transform the finance sector.
Our products are innovative and secure but most importantly they deliver efficiency and value to you and your clients.

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We leverage
secure and trusted platforms

All the data we handle is kept safe and secure. To us, this is of paramount importance.

The Canni Decision Engine. Supercharged approvals.

Time is money, especially in this case. We’ll tell you whether you’ll be able to refinance in seconds, not weeks.

Competitive SMSF refinancing

Ready to refinance your SMSF loan?

Our refinance application process is just four simple steps. Get an answer in minutes and start saving now.

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